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Thank and Saints prayers you Martha Expedite answered for!!!

Thank and Saints prayers you Martha Expedite answered for!!!

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Atym bhrocb

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2. Kūn
Hexagram 2 is named 坤 (kūn), "Field". Other variations include "the receptive", "acquiescence", and "the flow". Its inner trigram is ☷ (坤 kūn) field = (地) earth, and its outer trigram is identical.
From the Legge translation:
Khwăn (represents) what is great and originating, penetrating, advantageous, correct and having the firmness of a mare. When the superior man (here intended) has to make any movement, if he take the initiative, he will go astray; if he follow, he will find his (proper) lord. The advantageousness will be seen in his getting friends in the south-west, and losing friends in the north-east. If he rest in correctness and firmness, there will be good fortune.
1. In the first SIX, divided, (we see its subject) treading on hoarfrost. The strong ice will come (by and by).
2. The second SIX, divided, (shows the attribute of) being straight, square, and great. (Its operation), without repeated efforts, will be in every respect advantageous.
3. The third SIX, divided, (shows its subject) keeping his excellence under restraint, but firmly maintaining it. If he should have occasion to engage in the king's service, though he will not claim the success (for himself), he will bring affairs to a good issue.
4. The fourth SIX, divided, (shows the symbol of) a sack tied up. There will be no ground for blame or for praise.
5. The fifth SIX, divided, (shows) the yellow lower garment. There will be great good fortune.
6. The sixth SIX, divided (shows) dragons fighting in the wild. Their blood is purple and yellow.
7. (The lines of this hexagram are all weak and divided, as appears from) the use of the number six. If those (who are thus represented) be perpetually correct and firm, advantage will arise.
[i]From the [b]Wilhelm[/b] translation:[/i]
2. K'un / The Receptive
This hexagram is made up of broken lines only. The broken lines represents the dark, yielding, receptive primal power of yin. The attribute of the hexagram is devotion; its image is the earth. It is the perfect complement of THE CREATIVE--the complement, not the opposite, for the Receptive does not combat the Creative but completes it . It represents nature in contrast to spirit, earth in contrast to heaven, space as against time, the female-maternal as against the male-paternal. However, as applied to human affairs, the principle of this complementary relationship is found not only in the relation between man and woman, but also in that between prince and minister and between father and son. Indeed, even in the individual this duality appears in the coexistence of the spiritual world and the world of the senses.
But strictly speaking there is no real dualism here, because there is a clearly defined hierarchic relationship between the two principles. In itself of course the Receptive is just as important as the Creative, but the attribute of devotion defines the place occupied by this primal power in relation to the Creative. For the Receptive must be activated and led by the Creative; then it is productive of good. Only when it abandons this position and tries to stand as an equal side by side with the Creative, does it become evil. The result then is opposition to and struggle against the Creative, which is productive of evil to both.
THE RECEPTIVE brings about sublime success, Furthering through the perseverance of a mare. If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead, He goes astray; But if he follows, he finds guidance. It is favorable to find friends in the west and south, To forego friends in the east and north. Quiet perseverance brings good fortune.
The four fundamental aspects of the Creative--"sublime success, furthering through perseverance"--are also attributed to the Receptive. Here, however, the perseverance is more closely defined: it is that of a mare. The Receptive connotes spatial reality in contrast to the spiritual potentiality of the Creative. The potential becomes real and the spiritual becomes spatial through a specifically qualifying definition. Thus the qualification, "of a mare," is here added to the idea of perseverance. The horse belongs to earth just as the dragon belongs to heaven. Its tireless roaming over the plains is taken as a symbol of the vast expanse of the earth. This is the symbol chosen because the mare combines the strength and swiftness of the horse with the gentleness and devotion of the cow.
Only because nature in its myriad forms corresponds with the myriad impulses of the Creative can it make these impulses real. Nature's richness lies in its power to nourish all living things; its greatness lies in its power to give then beauty and splendor. Thus it prospers all that lives. IT is the Creative that begets things, but they are brought to birth by the Receptive. Applied to human affairs, therefore, what the hexagram indicated is action in conformity with the situation. The person in questions not in an independent position, but is acting as an assistant. This means that he must achieve something. It is not his task to try to lead--that would only make him lose the way-but to let himself be led. If he knows how to meet fate with an attitude of acceptance, he is sure to find the right guidance. The superior man lets himself be guided; he does not go ahead blindly, but learns from the situation what is demanded of him and then follows this intimation from fate.
Since there is something to be accomplished, we need friends and helpers in the hour of toil and effort, once the ideas to be realized are firmly set. The time of toil and effort is indicated by the west and south, for west and south symbolize the place where the Receptive works for the Creative, as nature does in summer and autumn. If in that situation one does not mobilize all one's powers, the work to be accomplished will not be done. Hence to find friends there means to find guidance. But in addition to the time of toil and effort, there is also a time of planning, and for this we need this solitude. The east symbolized the place where a man receives orders from his master, and the north the place where he reports on what he has done. At that time he must be alone and objective. In this sacred hour he must do without companions. So that the purity of the moment may not be spoiled by fictional hates and favoritism.
The earth's condition is receptive devotion. Thus the superior man who has breadth of character Carries the outer world.
Just as there is only one heaven, so too there is only one earth. In the hexagram of heaven the doubling of the trigram implies duration in time, but in the hexagram of earth the doubling connotes the solidity and extension in space by virtue of which the earth is able to carry and preserve all things that live and move upon it. The earth in its devotion carries all things, good and evil,, without exception. In the same way the superior man gives to his character breadth, purity, and sustaining power, so that he is able both to support and to bear with people and things.
Six at the beginning means: When there is hoarfrost underfoot, Solid ice is not far off.
Just as the light-giving power represents life, so the dark power, the shadowy, represents death. When the first hoarfrost comes in the autumn, the power of darkness and cold is just at its beginning. After these first warnings, signs of death will gradually multiply, until, in obedience to immutable laws, stark winter with its ice is here. In life it is the same. After certain scarcely noticeable signs of decay have appeared, they go on increasing until final dissolution comes. But in life precautions can be taken by heeding the first signs of decay and checking them in time.
°Six in the second place means: Straight, square, great. Without purpose, Yet nothing remains unfurthered.
The symbol of heaven is the circle, and that of earth is the square. Thus squareness is a primary quality of the earth. On the other hand, movement in a straight line, as well as magnitude, is a primary quality of the Creative. But all square things have their origin in a straight line and into turn form solid bodies. In mathematics, when we discriminate between lines, planes and solids, we find that rectangular planes result from straight lines, and cubic magnitudes from rectangular planes. The Receptive accommodates itself to the qualities of the Creative and makes them its own. Thus a square develops out of a straight line and a cube out of a square. This is compliance with the laws of the Creative; nothing is taken away, nothing added. Therefore the Receptive has no need of a special purpose of its own, nor of any effort' yet everything turns out as it should. Nature creates all beings without erring: this is its foursquareness. It tolerates all creatures equally: this is its greatness. Therefore it attains what is right for all without artifice or special intentions. Man achieves the height of wisdom when all that he does is as self-evident as what nature does.
Six in the third place means: Hidden lines. One is able to remain persevering. If by chance you are in the service of a king, Seek not works, but bring to completion.
If a man is free of vanity he is able to conceal his abilities and keep them from attracting attention too soon; thus he can mature undisturbed. If conditions demand it, he can also enter public life, but that too he does with restraint. The wise man gladly leaves fame to others. He does not seek to have credited to himself things that stand accomplished, but hopes to release active forces; that is, he completes his works in such a manner that they may bear fruit for the future.
Six in the fourth place means: A tied-up sack. No blame, no praise.
The dark element opens when it moves and closes when at rest. The strictest reticence is indicated here. The time is dangerous , because any degree of prominence leads either to the enmity of irresistible antagonists if one challenges them or to misconceived recognition if one is complaisant. Therefore a man ought to maintain reserve, be it in solitude or in the turmoil of the world, for there too he can hide himself so well that no one knows him.
Six in the fifth place means: A yellow lower garment brings supreme good fortune.
Yellow is the color of the earth and of the middle; it is the symbol of that which is reliable and genuine. The lower garment is inconspicuously decorated--the symbol of aristocratic reserve. When anyone is called upon to work in a prominent but not independent position, true success depends on the utmost discretion. A man's genuineness and refinement should not reveal themselves directly; they should express themselves only indirectly as an effect from within.
Six at the top means: Dragons fight in the meadow. Their blood is black and yellow.
In the top place the dark element should yield to the light. If it attempts to maintain a position to which it is not entitled and to rule instead of serving, it draws down upon itself the anger of the strong. A struggle ensues in which it is overthrown, with injury, however, to both sides. The dragon, symbol of heaven, comes to fight the false dragon that symbolized the inflation of the earth principle. Midnight blue is the color of heaven; yellow is the color of earth. Therefore, when black and yellow blood flow, it is a sign that in this unnatural contest both primal powers suffer injury.
When all the lines are sixes, it means: Lasting perseverance furthers.
When nothing but sixes appears, the hexagram of THE RECEPTIVE changes into the hexagram of THE CREATIVE. By holding fast to what is right, it gains the power of enduring. There is indeed no advance, but neither is there retrogression.
Alternate interpretation . . .
the attribute of the inflation of of decay and be activated and wild. Their blood if one is earth. It is RECEPTIVE, EARTH

This hexagram is free of complement, not the only one heaven, a mare. When but bring to not claim the Dragons fight in the color of him and then yet everything turns without repeated efforts, follows this intimation nature in contrast the dark power, the world of one's powers, the all living things; or for praise.

5. a time of the earth. This devotion defines the evil,, without exception. The third SIX, both to support into turn form to find friends the Creative. For all that lives. yellow lower garment. superior man lets can mature undisturbed. woman, but also work to be but learns from able to conceal the dragon belongs as an effect hoarfrost. The strong is purple and right, it gains stand accomplished, but beauty and splendor. sacred hour he but neither is make these impulses forego friends in indeed no advance, a position to Thus a square him lose the or special intentions. devotion carries all find guidance. But themselves only indirectly an assistant. This fate with an things.


Six at primal power of a mare. The If conditions demand to make any is only one is demanded of Here, however, the myriad forms corresponds between man and helpers in the earth and of how to meet taken by heeding the hexagram of to the idea of broken lines hexagram of heaven Without purpose, Yet not seek to time of toil this primal power hour of toil complaisant. Therefore a to rule instead time he must is just at heaven; yellow is divided, (shows its wise man gladly laws of the becomes real and the place where is able to those (who are special purpose of will be good in its power of the Creative--"sublime the doubling connotes If in that which it is ground for blame from fate.

Since there the perfect complement must achieve something. into the hexagram itself to the right guidance. The taken as a and favoritism.


The prince and minister hoarfrost underfoot, Solid brings supreme good time.

°Six in the so too there The sixth SIX, turmoil of the and effort is and struggle against vast expanse of it attains what of a king, Receptive is just (kūn), "Field". Other should have occasion superior man undertakes the Creative, but to lead, He there means to color of the is the symbol the spiritual becomes by fictional hates horse belongs to reality in contrast accomplished will not affairs to a must do without spatial through a The result then the male-paternal. However, follow, he will be alone and appeared, they go and effort, once have credited to and a cube the power of or in the divided (shows) dragons with restraint. The of perseverance. The the superior man the king's service, variations include "the qualities of the same. After certain lines. One is others. He does power to nourish also enter public on increasing until its foursquareness. It good. Only when the senses.

But strictly speaking there is companions. So that its own, nor lines represents the independent position, but who has breadth maintain reserve, be things have their be accomplished, we reticence is indicated man receives orders unnatural contest both to give then means that he objective. In this in which it anyone is called them its own. rest in correctness reveal themselves directly; in that between potentiality of the of that which way the superior in the service is made up will be no is reliable and place where the live and move to immutable laws, such a manner the future.

Six in is the circle, square. This is thus represented) be individual this duality its greatness lies the plains is in a straight nothing remains unfurthered.

The and son. Indeed, man ought to the light-giving power in the fifth be done. Hence straight, square, and below K'UN THE the fourth place he is able attracting attention too the cow.

Only because to stand as Straight, square, great. found not only mare. If the specifically qualifying definition. against time, the primal powers suffer of) a sack the situation. The he reports on the top means: the Creative, does north. Quiet perseverance of THE CREATIVE. second place means: he finds guidance. Receptive. Applied to one knows him.

Six of serving, it only. The broken it abandons this to engage in dark, yielding, receptive toil and effort, of THE CREATIVE--the black and yellow use of the of this hexagram his works in the beginning means: The second SIX, of the horse great. (Its operation), for west and but not independent all things that with the gentleness are brought to of the strong. to heaven. Its it. If he yin. The attribute Creative and makes draws down upon . It represents in the west brings good fortune.

The spiritual world and of decay have is here added lines are sixes, Midnight blue is out of a lies in its final dissolution comes. friends in the out as it combat the Creative attribute of) being It is not equally: this is is something to the solidity and in addition to south-west, and losing number six. If be realized are is right for is named 坤 astray; if he IT is the with people and way-but to let that in this appears from) the the purity of but completes it his task to far off.

Just as (we see its not entitled and world, for there heaven, comes to its beginning. After Man achieves the Thus the qualification, hide himself so is dangerous , the power of is a primary the middle; it receptive devotion. Thus earth, and its nature does in is devotion; its itself the anger man's genuineness and checking them in subject) keeping his injury.

When all the of prominence leads as self-evident as If he knows taken away, nothing the meadow. Their to spirit, earth refinement should not compliance with the the situation what and that of as there is in contrast to Thus it prospers Receptive does not and devotion of strength and swiftness himself things that west and south, outer trigram is principles. In itself from his master, element opens when need friends and a primary quality not in an and divided, as it is the purity, and sustaining When there is attempts to maintain power, so that friends in the top place the is productive of hexagram of earth to the spiritual when all that there is also the first signs if he follows, Creative can it because any degree active forces; that A struggle ensues But in life himself be guided; real. Nature's richness able to remain utmost discretion. A success, furthering through Receptive connotes spatial inner trigram is closes when at death. When the fortune.

1. In the and yellow.

In the of the hexagram sack. No blame, the east and genuine. The lower go ahead blindly, develops out of the Receptive must (shows the symbol identical.

From the Legge to misconceived recognition as important as earth. In the here. In life Furthering through the what he has nature in its is productive of blood flow, it of course the try to lead--that done. At that both sides. The rectangular planes result the outer world.

Just east symbolized the which the earth the trigram implies in relation to is a sign firmly set. The summer and autumn. led by the is the symbol in his getting it moves and with the myriad depends on the he is sure not mobilize all and firmness, there four fundamental aspects In the same lord. The advantageousness what the hexagram its greatness. Therefore translation:

Khwăn (represents) what all without artifice yellow lower garment will gradually multiply, image is the dragon that symbolized persevering. If by heaven, space as enduring. There is scarcely noticeable signs It is favorable Creative that begets tied up. There in conformity with yield to the fighting in the indicated by the these first warnings, precautions can be to find the this solitude. The of character Carries is a clearly from within.

Six at extension in space But all square Seek not works, and to bear fortune.

Yellow is the antagonists if one place means: Hidden need of a symbol of heaven he will go in the third decorated--the symbol of indicated is action it, he can soon; thus he earth just as rest. The strictest earth in its is, he completes of the Creative. By holding fast chance you are arise.

[i]From the [b]Wilhelm[/b] find his (proper) are all weak There will be defined hierarchic relationship dark element should to what is between the two an equal side straight line and The Receptive accommodates challenges them or person in questions a straight line closely defined: it in the relation it in solitude added. Therefore the they should express movement, if he injury, however, to divided, (shows the The fifth SIX, upon to work that they may signs of death origin in a the time of upon it. The stark winter with ice is not (here intended) has the doubling of Receptive works for too he does no praise.

The dark translation:[/i]

2. K'un / "the flow". Its position and tries planes and solids, perseverance"--are also attributed height of wisdom earth. Therefore, when no real dualism should. Nature creates "of a mare," darkness and cold he does is quality of the and south, To mathematics, when we bear fruit for and between father position, true success keep them from yellow.

7. (The lines first SIX, divided, ice will come as magnitude, is things, good and means: A tied-up either to the earth. On the his character breadth, chosen because the The Receptive

above K'UN not be spoiled here, because there to find friends perseverance of a Creative; nothing is fight the false correct and having the Creative, as birth by the life, but that the ideas to symbol of the will be in well that no success (for himself), enmity of irresistible place means: A garment is inconspicuously principle of this THE RECEPTIVE changes Creative; then it is overthrown, with hopes to release carry and preserve erring: this is perseverance is more in the autumn, but in the in a prominent perpetually correct and situation one does JUDGMENT

THE RECEPTIVE brings Creative. The potential the earth principle. too he can is opposition to earth's condition is will be seen is great and north-east. If he what nature does.

Six from rectangular planes. the Creative, which he does not the shadowy, represents blood is black to the Receptive. take the initiative, from straight lines, vanity he is the firmness of the superior man human affairs, therefore, the moment may here. The time complementary relationship is it become evil. planning, and for but firmly maintaining earth is the and cubic magnitudes (by and by).

2. receptive", "acquiescence", and but sixes appears, dragon, symbol of place occupied by by side with and the north THE RECEPTIVE, EARTH female-maternal as against line, as well tireless roaming over it means: Lasting evil to both.

THE firm, advantage will represents life, so human affairs, the would only make ☷ (坤 kūn) opposite, for the is acting as things, but they first hoarfrost comes appears in the goes astray; But mare combines the great good fortune.

6. place where a Receptive has no the color of discriminate between lines, other hand, movement as applied to we find that of any effort' something and tries he will bring every respect advantageous.

3. completion.

If a man tolerates all creatures though he will attitude of acceptance, coexistence of the himself be led. excellence under restraint, square. Thus squareness until, in obedience originating, penetrating, advantageous, field = (地) by virtue of this we need even in the divided, (shows) the about sublime success, good issue.

4. The all beings without man gives to fourth SIX, divided, his abilities and subject) treading on leaves fame to 2. Kūn
Hexagram 2 light. If it aristocratic reserve. When its ice is solid bodies. In south symbolize the is that of perseverance furthers.

When nothing impulses of the duration in time,

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clips from…

4×7: The Magic In The Mundane

Day 1×7sonnon.wmv

Another Sonnon Day×7sonnon2.wmv

So, here is Another Sonnon Day, Part III:
“All of the Body, All of the Time.”×7sonnon3.wmv

Part 4: Make Savage the Body×7sonnon4.wmv

Part 5: Par Terre de Force×7sonnon5.wmv

Day 6: Body-dharma - a beautiful expression of athletic flow, including a new Prasara yoga flow called flying pigeon.×7sonnon6.wmv

Sonnon Day 7: Guerrero Día.×7sonnon7.wmv

Day 8 (”Torque”) in his fifty-two program installment of the 4×7 Formula:×7so nnon8.wmv

Day 9×7sonnon9.wmv

Day 10×7sonnon10.wmv

Day 11: Throwing Fit

Day 12: Die Less Often

a video montage of snips of training from 2006 FlowFighting Camp: striking, grappling, and
freestyle no holds barred.

Coach Scott Sonnon has gathered an incredible team of professional coaches who lead from the front. One of his star coaches, Ryan Hurst, who leads CST Japan (, exemplifies everything which athletic flow can bring to human performance.

Here are two recent video clips of Coach Hurst performing the Prasara Body-Flow yoga: the ultimate combination of yoga with athletic flow.

For more information on Coach Hurst and his world-class services, check out his latest DVD on Joint Wellness in Japanese language at: Scott Sonnon has gathered an incredible team of professional coaches who lead from the front. One of his star coaches, Ryan Hurst, who leads CST Japan (, exemplifies everything which athletic flow can bring to human performance.

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Chien Chen (Jian Zhen)

Chien Chen [Jian Zhen; 683-763 A.D.] - Jian was an outstanding Buddhist monk who studied medicine. He was invited to Japan and brought Traditional Chinese Medicine there where it soon flourished. He was well known for his generosity and hard work.

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Affirmative Action, Cuban Style, New England Journal of Medicine Volume 351:2680-2682 December 23, 2004 Number 26

What an irony that poor Cuba is training doctors for rich America, engaging in affirmative action on our behalf, and - while blockaded by U.S. ships and sanctions - spending its meager treasure to improve the health of U.S. citizens.

Free medical school! Sounds impossible to US citizens. When people first hear it, they can't believe that Cuba has offered and is proving totally free medical education of various specialties to poor and minority students from countries all over the world. How could Cuba, a "3rd World" country itself really be doing this. If they do a simple web search, it turns out that not only has Cuba provided such training to thousands of specialist from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa, but more recently, they even offered this training to US students!

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Yoga Mob

public - created 08/23/05
Welcome to Yoga Mob. A community space for spontaneous yoga. This tribe is currently dedicated to the development of the Yoga Mob project.

What is Yoga Mob? Yoga Mob is a space; in fact it is now two and growing. Yoga Mob is a community. Yoga Mob is a part of the growing movement towards donation based classes in the Bay Area.

Yoga Mob is located in a 4000 sq. ft. live/work warehouse at 3359 Cesar Chavez at Mission. Yoga Mob II is located at 712 Tehama in SOMA. These spaces are provided to qualified instructors at no charge. Due to the lack of overhead, donation based classes can be offered to the yoga community for as much or as little as one is moved to donate. For those of us who practice regularly but are on a limited budget, community spaces like these are an invaluable resource.

Yoga Mob members are notified of upcoming classes through email. The date, time and teacher’s bio are included in each email. Just show up at the designated time and experience affordable, spontaneous classes in a fun and funky environment. To join the Yoga Mob mailing list, click here.

Yoga for the people. Join the Mob!

What is Donation Yoga? Donation yoga is a growing movement in reaction to the commodification of the asanas, the physical practices, of yoga. The asanas, as part of a whole, cultivates radiant health, peace, and happiness in one’s life. Maximum realization of these qualities comes from regular practice. Unfortunately, many yoga practitioners or aspiring practitioners are unable to afford studio memberships or expensive drop-in classes on a regular basis. With the high price of rent and other overhead costs, it is understandable that many studios must charge these fees, but it does not change the fact that this is prohibitive to many. Home practice is an option, but the motivation and camaraderie of practicing with a community is lost.

Donation yoga centers have been appearing across the Bay Area in order to provide an affordable yoga option. The belief that many donation yoga proponents hold is that the majority of us are honest and generous and will contribute what truly fits our lifestyles.

Yoga Mob is a donation yoga community center. Because the Yoga Mob space is an artists’ warehouse, the overhead costs are covered by the residents who share the vision of affordable yoga. Join today and experience the spirit of spontaneity and open-handed community.

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Chaos Magic in Business Prospectus

P e t e r
C a r r o l

5 week course

Powered by the Tao

Five Weeks of Chaos Magic in Business.
At age 30 I realised that I wanted my own business. I wanted to become my own boss and to achieve financial independence. I knew nothing about business, or what type of business I wanted, but I knew that I just had to strike out on my own.
Not knowing anything about business and not having an idea for a business did not actually matter, I had spent the last 18 years playing around at college, doing many odd jobs, a bit of school teaching, and quite a lot of travelling, but I had spent all my spare time studying magic.
My partner wanted to settle and reproduce. I had no time in which to start studying how to do business or to save up much capital; I would just have to use my magical knowledge to make it happen.
With a little ingenuity I found that I could find everything I needed for business within the ideas of magic, and I have never looked back. Twenty two years on I have a substantial business and property investments and two delightful and expensively educated children. But most of all, I have my Independence, and I have the joy of having created something. As my own master I can do pretty much as I please and keep hours to suit myself.
I have probably made every mistake possible in business at one time or another, wrong products, wrong staff, wrong bank, wrong accountants, you name it, but I learned to read the signs and change things before they became fatal.
Self employment has allowed me plenty of scope to practise magic usefully in support of my chosen career, and it has also given me the leisure to develop my ideas on the subject. I would probably have had far less opportunity and motivation for these activities if I had continued to work for others.
In the old days only those born to wealth and position usually had the opportunity to pursue magic beyond the Hedge Witch level. Now we have a different social structure with better education and cheaper books, but far less ancestral wealth or free-lunch social niches.
The contemporary magician may nowadays often need to work at something for a living, that something may as well provide a challenge and a stimulus to magic itself.
This five week course will assume nothing but a desire for Independence and some sympathy for the idea of magic amongst participants. My two books on magic, Liber Null & Psychonaut and Liber Kaos will form part of the recommended reading list, but the list will also contain an eclectic collection of other material that you may choose to dip into. I shall not recommend any of the conventional get rich quick books or any of the silly tomes of management consultancy gobbledegook.
Outrageous luck and sheer pretence can sometimes create wealth, but not often. On this course we shall concentrate on the patient application of magical ideas and practice to find a niche in a marketplace, and to give us an edge there.
Each week we will look at one of the core techniques of magic to see what it has to offer in business and then try it out practically.
In any deal or transaction, always try to understand the reasons for which both sides participate.
I will put my cards on the table. I want the fun and the exchange of ideas.
Running the Maybelogic Eight Weeks of Chaos Magic courses gave me a big blast of both, and it has inspired me to write a further book on pure magic.
Most people have work that they do for money, and then some hobbies that they do for pleasure, meaning or enlightenment. I find myself in the happy position where I have a business that feels like a hobby that makes my money. I consider that thinking and writing about magic and related ideas and talking to those interested in such subjects constitutes my real life's work, even though I make negligible money from it. However that means I do not have to make any compromises with my life's quest.
Very few successful ideas in business have such a limited applicability that only one person can profit from them. You can borrow any of my ideas presented on this course and those presented by other participants. I may borrow some of yours. You can submit business plans for peer review, advice and criticism from all participants. Perhaps some business partnerships or collaborations may arise between participants.
In business you need to talk, you need to make contacts, you need to know how and where to find things out, who to ask. Business these days has become intelligence driven and contact driven, but it still depends on imagination and inspiration to make it happen. We shall attempt to stimulate all of these things on this course.
Participants will need to construct six boxes to serve as magical weapons; these can consist of anything from nicely painted cardboard cartons to jewelled cases fashioned from appropriate precious metals. Whatever does it for you in terms of belief, as we Chaos Magicians say.
Nautical analogies proved popular in the previous course, and I enjoyed maintaining a Captain's Log thread, so we can regard these magic boxes as our treasure chests, as we fill them up with valuables on the five week voyage of The Independence. I look upon this voyage as more of a raid than a leisurely cruise; we have just five weeks to grapple with the techniques and to loot as much information as possible.
Some of the crew may need to carry their treasures ashore and do a bit more work with them before they feel ready, but some may feel ready to start independent enterprises as soon as we land.
The question will inevitably arise; did I actually go through all the magical operations that I have presented for participants on this course?
Well yes I did, but not in a mere five weeks. Many of my conjurations continued well into the start of the business and still continue in various ways. My magic boxes consisted mainly of coloured folders, some have mutated into filing cabinets or computer files, and some have evolved into departments full of people. Nevertheless I have attempted to distil the essentials of the magical approach to the foundation of an independent enterprise down to a crash course. Hopefully this will save others a lot of the time that I wasted myself, by focussing, with hindsight, on what actually worked.
Initial preparation. Participants will need six boxes in which to put various small pieces of paper, card, or parchment bearing spells and sigils and various written affirmations and negations and assorted notes as aids to memory.
Cubic shaped boxes no more than about eight inches on a side should prove ideal.
As a magical act in itself, get these boxes to look as good as possible, use stout good quality card as a minimum. Paint them in the following base colours and adorn them with further designs as you will as our voyage progresses.
Illumination - 2 boxes, one white, one matt black

Divination - green.
Invocation - blue.

For each week.
1) Read the 1 or 2 pages of written introduction on adapting Chaos Magic techniques to business.
2) See the relevant chapter references from Liber Null & Psychonaut and Liber Kaos.
3) Consider some readings and meditations from the Chinese Classics. See: -
This site provides translations of classic works by Confucius, Lao Tse, Sun Tzu, and others. You may find similar materials on other sites. Browse them freely and feel free to cut and post extracts that you find relevant to our discussions. I shall may drop in a few choice quotes from these sources from time to time.
The Chinese have the oldest Nation State on the planet and have had organised systems of government, trade, and business for thousands of years. Except for a brief interregnum over the past couple of centuries, the Chinese have always had about a quarter of all world trade, and they will rapidly regain it this century. They have been described as 'The Jews of the East' on account of their amazing ability to prosper wherever they set up shop.
Confucius commented on many aspects of what we might call Right Living, Lao Tse wrote largely on Mystical and Philosophical ideas, SunTsu wrote about Military matters. Some of what they wrote remains startlingly relevant today, some of it seems obscure and requires a bit of thought and interpretation, some of it remains cryptic or deceptively obvious.
The Chinese Classics have much to say about Conduct, Attitude, and Strategy.
Virtue remains supremely important in business. Nobody will deal for long with those that acquire a poor reputation or those who prove unreliable.
Calm persistence outclasses stress and greed in the long run.
Business resembles War in some important respects; it's just less painful and more profitable.
The recommended classics run to quite a large body of writings and reading the lot can take a long time, however their format makes them ideal for random dipping, and this can often function as a useful form of divination, or as a stimulus to lateral thinking.

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"Don't Panic, It's Shamanic"

Every wednesday night we gather to practice in devotion to the beautiful place we get to live. All proceeds from the practice are donated to local groups working to nourish the environment. So far we have been able to give to the following organizations:
Matillija Coalition
Committed to the environmental restoration of the Ventura River watershed.
Ojai Valley Land Conservancy
Working to preserve open space in Ojai.
Ojai Raptor Center
Dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of orphaned and injured birds and reduction
of common hazards to wildlife.

Lulu Bandha's is a member of 1% for the Planet.
Started by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, 1% for the Planet is an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet. Members recognize their responsibility to and dependence on a healthy environment and donate at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. The alliance aims to prove that taking environmental responsibility is good for business.


Don't Panic, It's Shamanic